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Longevity: GAIA EXPERT R&C Group celebrates its 20+5=25th anniversary in 2014

Technical Capabilities and Capital

The GAIA EXPERT Research & Consulting Group FRANCE-CANADA is the owner of  offices in the downtowns of Sofia, BULGARIA, Lyon, FRANCE and Montreal, CANADA

GAIA-EXPERT Research & Consulting Group owns also:

  • Computer system of more than 12 computers connected in a network for operability and
    simultaneous using of the of the ready software and data base covering its
    overall professional experience and specific information systems for legal
    issues (APIS), immovable properties, machinery and equipment, statistics of
    basic economic groups, etc., as well as computer specialists for serving the network.

  • Software packages and know-how for valuation of the economic efficiency of
    investment projects for the construction and mining industry, calculating
    parameters as: NPV; IRR; PBP; Net Cash Flow - NCF; Present Value of Revenues - PVR;
    Discounted Return on Investment - DROI and Risk and Uncertainty for Investment through
    simulation methods (Monte Carlo, Theory of Decisions, Option Pricing), also used
    before in other activities of the Company.

  • Own multiplication machines - Canon and Toshiba;

  • Seven cars for visits to the projects and operability of the teams.