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Jadeite, nephrite and serpentinite

    Jade (jadeite) is a jewelry-article stone mainly of green color of various tints. Owing to combination of physical chemical properties mentioned below, it is widely used in stone-cutting, instrument-making industry and electrical engineering. In the countries of South-East Asia it enjoys wide popularity and is treated as a cult stone. Nephrite and serpentinite are better known, and are used in similar application.

    The Deposit (one of the three largest known on the territory of the CIS) is situated in the northern part of Western Sayan, and represents a serpentine belt, containing separate isolated bodies (lenses, veins) of jades and nephrite. The mined site is a jade stripe around 500 m. wide and 6-8 km. long. Thanks to geological-mining conditions and productive capacities, annual output and sale of sorted jade amounts to 100 and more tons.

    Project Startups
    Mine Life - 18 years
    Jadeite Reserves: (211) - 407 tone,
                      (221) - 204 tone
    Resources:        (331) - 25 000 tone
    Coefficient of Loose - 2,5%

Final Products
Jadeite (
Na[AlSi2O6]) - jewelry including Imperial - class A and B, jewelry-article with jewelry and article.
Average content of sorted jadeite in 1 cubic meter of feedstock:
                     jewelry - 0,01%;
jewelry-article with jewelry 5,5%;
and article - 94,5%.

    Rate of Production - up to 370 tone/year
    Administrative Costs - 0,03 M$ US/year
    Royalties - 6%
    Taxes - 24%
    Construction Time - 6 month
    - 5 M$ US
    Expected Market Price - from 1 $/kg (tone) to 50 $/gram
    Mean Price - 30 $/tone
    Discount Rate - 15%

Economic Criteria
Profit - 2 M$ US/per year
Net Present Value (NPV) - 22,580 M$ US
Internal Rate of Return (IRR) - 35%
Pay Back Period (PBP) - 1 year
Discounted Pay Back Period (DPBP) - 3 years
Profitability Index - 1,45


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